CronWorks is a business I started a few years ago with the single purpose of contributing to open source software, and I am committed to the local and global open source and nonprofit communities. My background is both varied and deep; my roles have included software development, advising and consulting, database and system architecture, and project management. I have been involved in projects ranging from standard web applications to multi-year, $100 Million government agency installations.

I am always looking to form long term, cost effective relationships with businesses, pro-bono relationships with non-profit organizations working for community efforts in Seattle and worldwide, and networking with others interested in the open source software movement.

Consulting & Other Experience:

  • 2016-Current: Senior Java Developer with the Walt Disney Internet Group in Seattle. In this role I have brought an API gateway to production and currently maintain it as the primary developer. The system authenticates calls by OAuth2 tokens and provides HTTP caching and partial response filtering at scale.
  • 2015-2016: System design and development for a confidential client in the Seattle area through Rooster Park Consulting. Projects included building an image analysis and de-duplication system for a collection of millions of images, building a semantic content recognition, topical analysis and classification system for a 20TB document collection, and working with content specialists to develop command line tools, plugins and other custom work to streamline their work and improve accuracy.
  • 2014-2015: Architectural consulting and system development for the Basque Center for Climate Change. Work includes re-designing project architecture, build and source control workflow, and user interface for the k.LAB/ARIES modeling platform and re-implementing its data management and collaboration tool. Upcoming work includes incorporating and improving the agent modeling subsystem which I developed during my Master thesis and further routing, architectural and security improvements to cloud-based features currently in development.
  • 2013-2015: Senior Java developer on a consulting assignment with the Walt Disney Internet Group in Seattle. During my tenure, I focused on authentication and profile management, contributing feature work, refactoring and architectural improvements. In many instances I led our 10-person team of senior developers in diagnosing and correcting performance and stability issues to prevent production systems from being affected. These efforts often required collaboration with up to six other teams throughout the group.
  • 2012-2013: Master thesis project with Prof. Ferdinando Villa at the Basque Center for Climate Change. See the Projects page for more information.
  • 2011-2012: Working with the GreenIT research team at the University of Luxembourg and Earth Economics in Washington State. More info here.
  • 2011: Consulted with T-Mobile's Retail Real Estate Acquisition and Development team to replace their internal tools. Through a six week consultation phase, I helped them implement some immediate performance improvements in parallel with new development, as well as set priorities, architectural and project strategies, and interview and select the development team.
  • 2010-2011: Full time engineer at Amazon.
  • 2008-2010: Full time software development with Decision Health, acting as back-end and API specialist. Revamped the internal CRM tool and created the Doctrine Temporal Extension (more info here).
  • 2007: Product Research and Product Management for a VPS project at NetRiver Data Center. After researching the financial profile of the project, we decided against going forward with it, choosing instead to go with a medium-scale dedicated hosting and co-location model to pursue fewer, higher-grossing customers.
  • 2007: Project management, architecture & development for FamilySnap, a family-oriented social networking website. I provided technical consultation, database and system architecture, and project management through the life cycle of core development. Managed the client relationship and team of 5 developers.
  • 2006: Consulting & development for Equity Spring, a real estate appraisal company. Project included improving functionality and performance of their internal project and office management tool.
  • 2000-2005: Large scale government agencies in the Human Services sector as a Technical Consultant with Curam Software, including Social Security, unemployment and other welfare agencies. Project bugdets ranged from $30-100M; my roles included data warehouse and application consulting and development.

Please feel free to contact me for project information.